An Introduction To Elisa

The ELISA test is a modern technological laboratory testing process that can specify the presence of an abnormality by detecting antibodies. The acronym ELISA stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The presence of certain antibodies in a person’s blood will indicate whether that person is suffering from a certain disorder.

What is ELISA, procedures, types of ELISA
The ELISA system first entered the laboratory world in 1970. Specialists developed it to replace the former radioimmunoassay. Specialists still use the ELISA testing process today because of the wealth of benefits that it has to offer.

What Do Specialists Use ELISA Tests For?
Specialists may use ELISA tests for a wide range of diagnoses. They can use ELISA testing to detect diseases such as HIV, syphilis, Lyme disease, shingles viruses, chicken pox virus, toxoplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and more. Doctors usually order ELISA tests when they suspect that their patients are suffering from one or several of the previously stated illnesses. Some specialists have started using ELISA testing to check for drug usage by their employees.

What’s Different About ELISA?
The difference between Elisa and other forms of testing is that ELISA uses a color-based detection method that occurs because of the interaction of certain elements. The color changes tell the story about the amount of analyte that the test finds in the sample.

The Benefits of Testing With ELISA
One of the main benefits of ELISA procedures is that the process is extremely short. A person can be done with an ELISA test within minutes. The ability of providers to issue the ELISA test quickly can shorten the amount of anxiety that some of them face. The second benefit of ELISA methods is that specialists can order the lab to take many tests at one time. A third advantage of the ELISA test is that it is more accurate than some of the other testing methods. The system is highly sensitive because of the ENZYME amplification. Finally, the biggest advantage of using the ELISA system is that doctors and other specialists can use it in so many ways. They can use it to diagnose illnesses or to conduct research on a broad range of topics.

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