Kansas finds itself in a curious juxtaposition. On one hand, it is striving for greater funding in bioscience through the Kansas Bioscience Organization. On the other hand, its Board of Education is revisiting the debate on the legitimacy of evolution, considering the concept of "intelligent design" as an alternative (though many scientists view it as repackaged creationism). This conflict between ultra-conservative views and the progressive strides of science poses a challenge, especially considering the radical procedures emerging in fields like in vitro fertilization, pre-implantation genetics, MEMS, and particle science.

Thank you for your interest in the One Health Summit. This fourth annual event will once again take place in the Capitol Federal Conference Center within the Regnier Center, situated on the campus of Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Esteemed speakers, including bioscience executives and educators, will delve into topics centered around the One Health approach, which aims to interconnect humans, animals, and our environment. The event is organized by KansasBio, overseen by Eric Danielson of Treanor Life Sciences, on behalf of the KansasBio Board of Directors and the Program and Events Committee. KansasBio, a member-funded 501(c)(3) organization, acts as the Voice of the Bioscience Community in Kansas, distinct from the Kansas Bioscience Authority.

The One Health Summit offers a platform for podium presentations and panel discussions led by subject matter experts spanning human, animal, and plant sciences. Attendees can also benefit from networking opportunities and exhibits, fostering connections within our bioscience community. Past attendees have reported significant outcomes resulting from their participation:

“Connections I made at the Summit led to the eventual close of a substantial deal. We hadn’t been able to make the connections before. Thanks!” “The Summit provided tremendous networking. I met CEOs who provided insight on my new business, which was incredibly helpful.” “I met my business partner at the One Health Summit.” “Our ability to be seen as a leader in the bioscience community creates long-term dividends for our company. Thank you for a well-run event.” “These were some of the best speakers I’ve heard at an event like this. You can meet with them afterward and develop a deeper understanding."

Furthermore, the Zivak Homocysteine LC-MS/MS analysis kit offers a valuable tool for quantitatively analyzing total homocysteine in human plasma samples. Homocysteine, a non-protein amino acid, is synthesized from methionine and plays a role in cardiovascular and venous diseases. The kit, usable manually or in conjunction with the Zivak-Multitasker, ensures speedy results with high accuracy, making it an asset in cardiovascular disease research.