SeekOne DD

SeekOne® DD Single Cell Full-length RNA

Sequence Transcriptome-seq (scFAST-seq)

Product Overview

SeekOne® Digital Droplet (SeekOne® DD) High

throughput Single Cell Full-length RNA Sequence

Transcriptome-seq (scFAST-seq) Kit, self-

developed by Beijing SeekGene BioSciences Co., Ltd.,

is a powerful commercial tool for high-throughput

whole transcriptome profiling. The scFAST-seq

method makes use of innovative techniques

including semi-random primers, efficient reverse

transcription, template swapping, and effective

rRNA removal to build full-length RNA libraries of

up to 12,000 cells.

Compared to conventional 3' scRNA-seq, scFAST-

seq has distinct advantages in detecting non-

polyadenylated transcripts, transcript coverage

length, and identification of more splice junctions.

With target region enrichment, scFAST-seq can

simultaneously detect somatic mutations and cell

states in individual tumour cells, providing valuable

information for precision medicine.

The kit is designed to be used in conjunction with

our SeekOne® Digital Droplet System (SeekOne® DD)

to complete the entire process from single-cell

nucleic acid labelling to transcriptome library

construction. When equipped with "SeekSoul Tools",

our single-cell data analysis software, we provide a

one-stop-shop single-cell transcriptome solution.

Core Technology

Single Cell Full-length RNA Sequence

Transcriptome-seq (scFAST-seq) allows full-length

transcriptome analysis of thousands of fresh or

fixed cells in a single experiment. In contrast to the

current single-cell transcriptome assays based on

oligo-dT reverse transcription, the method used in

scFAST-seq provides coverage of the whole

transcriptome. The sensitivity of the scFAST-seq

technique assays depends primarily on the

efficiency of reverse transcription, cDNA enrichment,

and ribosome depletion

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Products Specifications

Currently applicable species: human and mouse.

 Fraction of Reads Mapped to Middle Genebody is greater than 55%.

Fraction over 0.2 mean coverage depth of ACTB gene is higher than 70%.

Rapid generation of 150,000 water-in-oil droplets in 3 minutes.

Efficiently capturing 500-12,000 cells per channel.

Flexible running of 1~8 samples in parallel.

Cell size flexibility: cell diameter of 5~40 μm.

High cell capture rates of up to 65%.

Low doublet rates of under 0.3% per 1,000 cells.

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SeekOne Digital Droplet System

SeekOneDigital Droplet System (SeekOneDD System), self-developed by Beijing SeekGene BioSciences Co., Ltd., achieves single-cell partitioning and capture by water-in-oil droplets generated in the microfluidic system. This provides a one-stop shop for single-cell solutions, from single-cell partitioning, trapping, labelling and library construction to data analysis. It can be applied to a variety of medical studies, including cancer, immunity, cell development, viral infection, drug discovery, and target screening.

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