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The founding board of directors invites you to join KansasBio and share in the benefits of membership. Member organizations can derive a variety of benefits from joining KansasBio, ranging from general organizational support to specific marketing opportunities. While the types of benefits may vary somewhat from one organization to the next, all members of KansasBio can expect the following benefits from membership.

Key Services
KansasBio facilitates a larger buying group for bioscience companies via the BIO Business Solutions Program. A bioscience industry and resource database is under development, and KansasBio is currently collecting data on research resources available for the private sector to use in collaboration with the public sector.

Value-Added Programs
Sponsoring forums and roundtable discussions, hosting annual events, and bringing in experts for subgroup seminars on specific topics are just a few of the value-added programs planned as the KansasBio membership grows. Members will benefit from discussions and seminars on topics like bio-security, animal science, bio-products and linkages between human, plant, animal and industrial biosciences.

Networking Facilitation
If you are working in the bioscience community in Kansas, KansasBio is the place to get connected. Statewide networking and community building help ensure that members know who is doing what and how to contact people. Through both KansasBio meetings and the development of bioscience community working groups, the organization looks for ways to connect its members.

Marketing Opportunities
KansasBio serves as an outlet for members to connect with other businesses, target markets, the media and future employees. The organization is developing sponsorship programs to help its members gain visibility at state, regional and national events.

Educational Resources
KansasBio serves its membership as an educator and a resource. The Organization is tapping into existing science education resources and plans with the goal of helping to ensure that more peoople understand the impact of the biosciences on Kansas and society.

Awareness Building
KansasBio is dedicated to keeping Kansas bioscience’s message focused, and is in the process of developing a clear public relations and marketing strategy to promote the successes of organization members. KansasBio is working to ensure that statewide, innovative research and development efforts are publicized effectively and knowledge is shared statewide.

If you have any questions about becoming a member of KansasBio, please contact

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